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List of Services Provided and Costs

NB Where ranges of treatment prices are quoted, this is dependent upon either the size of the restoration, complexity of treatment, or the number of teeth involved. Discounts will be applied when numerous teeth are treated in one visit wherever possible.

TreatmentCost From


New Patient Consultation
(to include photographs, x-rays and all special tests)
Dental Evaluation and Hygiene Maintenance (usually every 6 months) £141.10
Same Day Emergency appointment and treatment £66.84-£180.00

Gum Disease and Periodontal Disease Treatments

Early Gingivitis Treatment from £348.00
Advanced Gingivitis Treatment from £469.00
Early Periodontitis Treatment from £391.00
Moderate Periodontitis Treatment from £469.00
Advanced Periodontitis Treatment from £641.00
Hygiene Maintenance £74.77
Prevention of decay treatment (Fluoride Application) £39.25


Extraction from £125.00
Surgical Extraction from £203.00
Surgical Extraction of impacted wisdom tooth from £364.00
Soft Tissue Surgery £203.00

Restorative Treatments

Removal of decay and temporary dressing from £83.00
Tooth Coloured Fillings from £102.00
In House One Visit Porcelain Crowns/Inlays (Cerecs) from £685.82
Cosmetic Laboratory Constructed Porcelain Crown/Veneer from £780.00
Bridge from £780.00 per unit
Root Canal Treatment £245.00 - £445.00


Acrylic Denture (price dependent upon number of teeth) £572.00 - £967.00
Chrome Denture/Valplast Denture (£ depends upon number of teeth) £915.00 - £1578.00


Simple Implant with crown, no bone/gum replacement from £2200.00
Implant and crown with artificial bone/gum augmentation from £2600.00
Implant with Sinus Lift (sometimes required in upper back teeth) from £3848.00

Tooth Straightening

Inman Aligner (removable brace): Upper OR Lower teeth from £1664.00
Inman Aligner (removable brace): Upper AND Lower teeth from £2700.00
Fast Adult Braces (tooth coloured fixed braces): Upper OR Lower teeth from £1995.00
Fast Adult Braces (tooth coloured fixed braces): Upper AND Lower teeth from £2995.00
Lingual Orthodontics (fixed braces on the inside) £3995.00 - £7500.00
Invisalign from £1,200.00 - £4,619.55

Tooth Whitening

Home Tooth Whitening £351.00

Facial Aesthetics

Botulinum Toxin treatment of lines and wrinkles from £180.00 per area
Dermal fillers (Juvederm – lasts 12 months) from £350.00 - £550.00 per area
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