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Wansbeck House Dental SpaPorcelain crowns, or caps as some people call them are a very effective and beautiful solution to restore and protect heavily filled, or broken teeth. A crown strengthens a tooth that may otherwise be lost, therefore preserves the function of the tooth allowing you to chew.



What is a crown?

A crown is a porcelain shell that covers the entire tooth, and acts as a crash helmet to protect the underlying tooth when it has been heavily filled or broken. Crowns look beautiful, and are often used to strengthen teeth that have large unsightly metal fillings in them, and once the treatment is complete, are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

When are crowns used?

  • When a tooth is heavily filled, and is therefore prone to fracture. Teeth that are more than two-thirds filling are prone to break and cause a dental emergency , and therefore in these situations, crowns can help to save teeth which would otherwise be lost!
  • You may request a crown yourself due to a large unsightly filling
  • If there is a lot of decay in your tooth, and there is not enough tooth structure to place a simple filling, a crown is perfect to restore the tooth to its natural beauty.
  • A crown is always advised after root canal treatment to prevent tooth fracture
  • Severely worn or damaged teeth can be strengthened using porcelain crowns
  • As part of  a smile makeover

What does the procedure involve?

One visit crowns – Cerecs  can be used in a large number of cases at Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic. However, in certain circumstances, a laboratory made crown is required.

Preparation of the tooth for a crown

This involves preparation of the tooth to allow space for a crown to fit over the tooth. An impression (mould) is then taken for a highly trained technician to fabricate a crown to fit your tooth perfectly. A cosmetic temporary crown is then placed over your tooth.

Securely cementing the crown

At a second visit, the temporary crown is removed, and the crown is simply sat over your tooth. You and Dr Ravinder Varaich will ensure that you are both completely satisfied with the look, shape and colour of your new tooth. The crown is then securely cemented to your underlying tooth leaving you with a beautiful and natural looking tooth!

Call us now to discuss how we can strengthen your teeth with porcelain crowns!

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