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Having avoided the dentist for years, I wonder why? I was so nervous of having anything done, but there was nothing to it! I will always be so grateful to you, and would recommend you to anyone that is nervous.
Les Gold


Family Dental Care: High Quality General Care of your teeth and gums


…Helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime

Affordable quality care for you and your family.

Gum Disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss in the UK…

More than half of the population have gum disease and are either not being treated correctly, or are not even aware they have it. Are you being treated correctly?

Do your gums bleed when you brush? Bleeding gums are not normal. Bleeding is the first sign of gum disease, but not everyone who has the disease has bleeding gums.


Do you have a bad taste or suffer from bad breath? Do you smoke? Do you have a thorough hygiene visit every 6 months, or do you just have a quick scale and polish?


Are you at risk? Do you know what the risk factors are? Don't risk losing your teeth – prevention is better than cure. Come and see us for a full check of your teeth, oral cancer screening, gum disease screening and a thorough hygiene visit … it may just save your teeth!

Our average 6 monthly appointments to check your teeth and your hygiene and cleaning are an hour. We have a dental plan so you can pay monthly to cover your 6 monthly visits. We also have special dental plans for gum disease patients. So, if you are looking for high quality general dentistry, look no further than Wansbeck Dental Spa.

Call us now on 01482 348172 to book in, or just pop in for a coffee and to say hello if you are passing if you want to check us out first….you are always welcome.

We believe in giving you the time you deserve! We take great care to listen to your goals and needs for your mouth – whether it is just general health, or cosmetic dentistry.

Our aim is to help you achieve the look you have always wanted in a luxurious stress-free environment, while providing premier cosmetic dentistry services.

The staff at Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic, led by Ravinder Varaich are dedicated to providing exceptional quality dentistry, and are particularly understanding of nervous patients. Ravinder is extensively trained, and works only with state of the art equipment and materials.

Our general and cosmetic dentistry practice attracts people from all over Hull, Beverley, Hull villages, Yorkshire, as well as the surrounding communities of York, Leeds and Sheffield, and we continue to add to our list of international patients.

High quality general and cosmetic dentistry for Hull and East Yorkshire

In most areas of your life, you probably choose the best quality products and service you can find, so why would your choice of dentistry be any different? Ravinder Varaich and her team are extensively and highly trained. Having completed training in various fields, the team at Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic are experienced in achieving excellent results in difficult situations. We have worked hard to develop our reputation as a premier dental practice in Hull and East Yorkshire.              

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