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I can’t believe how long I put up with my old loose dentures. Dr Ravinder Varaich has made me such beautiful teeth, I feel like I have my own natural teeth back! I can eat steak again! I can’t thank you enough. My teeth are worth every penny and more!
Diane Allen

Teeth can be lost for many reasons – gum disease, decay, trauma are just a few. Missing teeth can severely impact your confidence, self-esteem, and your ability to chew your favourite foods well. Are you conscious of gaps in your mouth, do you cover your mouth when you smile? How would it make you feel to your missing teeth replaced, and not have gaps in your mouth?

Tooth loss causes a natural shrinkage of the bone, especially in the lower half of your face. This impacts on how you look, making your cheeks sag, causing a loss of volume around your mouth, deep folds can appear over time, and this can make you look years older, and age prematurely.

Each and every tooth in our mouth is important. When we lose even one tooth, the opposing tooth then has nothing to bite against, so we then rely on other teeth in our mouth to chew our food. This results in overloading other teeth, and this can have serious consequences. Adjacent natural teeth can also tilt unfavourably into the space creating problems of food packing, gum problems, and decay. It is essential that missing teeth are replaced as soon as possible to prevent other problems in the mouth.

Dentures are removable replacements for teeth. Fixed, permanent options are implants, or fixed bridges

I can’t get over how good I feel. I had an image in my head that dentures would be uncomfortable, and look false, so I put up with my gaps for years. How wrong I was! Now I can smile without covering my mouth!
Jane Brown

Dr Ravinder Varaich insists on constructing dentures that look and function like your natural teeth, replace any lost volume in your cheeks and around your mouth, and look and feel natural and comfortable! We want you to be able to chew your favourite food, bite into an apple, and be able to smile and laugh out loud without worrying that your dentures are going to drop, or that someone is going to notice that you are wearing dentures! So many people accept loose, ill fitting dentures which look worn and false, and struggle to eat how they used to with their own natural teeth! So many people suffer because they think nothing can be done for them. Well it can be done for you!

Why should I choose private dentures over economy dentures?

Economy dentures tend to not look as natural as private denture teeth. The teeth are usually based upon average positions, and shapes, and little thought is given to your individual characteristics. Usually, little guarantee of excessive wear over a long period is given, and these teeth can lose their appearance, and make eating difficult.

Complete Cosmetic Dentures

I have had so many sets of dentures made over the years, which I thought were the best that could be made for me. I had resigned myself to ordering the easiest food to eat off a menu when I ate out. Dr Ravinder Varaich asked me what I wanted from false teeth, and said I could bring in pictures of teeth I liked in magazines. I brought in my wedding photographs from 34 years ago – when I had my own natural teeth. She made my dentures look like my own teeth did all those years ago! I meet with my friends every Tuesday lunchtime, and now I order whatever I fancy off the menu, and I don’t even think twice about whether I’ll be able to chew it or not, because I can chew anything. I wish I had found you years ago! I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back!

When all your teeth are missing, complete dentures are made to replace all the lost natural teeth and adjacent tissues. The loss of natural teeth can drastically reduce the quality of your life, your self-image and reduce your ability to chew. High quality dentures are therefore well worth the investment, as they restore your self-esteem, and allow you to eat your favourite foods without pain or discomfort, and allow you to smile with confidence.

Complete upper dentures stay in place by using suction in the roof of your mouth, as well as fitting well around your gums and muscles. A complete lower denture does not have the advantage of the suction from the roof of the mouth, and the tongue means the lower denture is more of a horseshoe shape. Lower dentures therefore have always been more difficult to become accustomed to. Dr Ravinder Varaich uses special techniques  used to make dentures fit better.

How are our dentures better than conventional thick, bulky plastic dentures?

Dr Ravinder Varaich recommends injection-moulded dentures for a better fit. These dentures allow greater confidence to chew your favourite foods, socialise without feeling conscious of your dentures dropping while you are talking or laughing, and give you a better quality of life.

“Pearl effect” teeth can be used to improve the strength and appearance of the denture teeth, and a 5 year guarantee is given against excessive wear. Enhanced techniques are used by Dr Ravinder Varaich to make sure your dentures feel, function and look their best. Quality and patient satisfaction is paramount, so you can expect the highest standards to produce exceptional results.

Partial Dentures

DenturesPartial dentures are used to replace teeth where there are some natural teeth also present. Partial dentures are made from gum coloured plastic, or a mixture of plastic and a light, highly polished metal alloy which hold the replacement teeth in position. 

Metal alloy partial dentures are much less bulky, stronger, thinner, lighter and generally much more comfortable than the plastic alternatives. Metal alloy clips and precision attachments help keep the denture securely in position allowing confidence to speak and laugh without the dentures dropping, and allow you to chew your food better.


Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures

The Valplast flexible cosmetic denture is an unbreakable, removable partial denture that our patients have found to be extremely comfortable. These dentures are lightweight, almost invisible, and completely eliminate unsightly metal clasps. The flexible plastic used is extremely thin, eliminating thick and unpleasant bulky dentures. The denture comfortably wraps around existing teeth and gums staying securely in place, allowing you to eat your favourite foods.


Implant Retained Dentures

Wansbeck House Dental SpaFor even better security, and ability to chew even the most difficult foods, dentures can be held in place much more rigidly by the use of implants. Implants are permanent fixtures in your jawbone to which the denture is then attached. Our dentures are specifically designed to work in combination with implants to give you beautiful, secure, natural looking teeth.

Has your existing denture broken?

Dentures break for a good reason. The main reasons are:

  • excessive force eg, from tooth grinding,
  • a poor fit against the gum/bone due to poor quality dentures, or shrinkage of the gum/bone (when dentures are not replaced regularly)
  • changes in the mouth due to natural ageing. If your denture is more than 5 years old, you should possibly consider a new denture, or having your existing denture relined.

Your mouth can be traumatised when a denture breaks, and repeated repairs to your dentures can become costly. Our special range of high strength cosmetic dentures are 30% stronger than conventional dentures, and reduce the risks of your denture fracturing.

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This patient required removal of all his teeth, The cosmetic dentures were made before taking the teeth out, so that the patient was never without teeth. Hull Dental Practice - Gallery Images   Hull Dental Practice - Gallery Images
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