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Over time, as we age naturally, there is a reduction in the amount of collagen and elastin in our skin.  Dynamic muscles movements, such as smiling, frowning and laughing cause the skin to crease and wrinkles to appear.

I always thought nothing could be done about sunken in cheeks. I lost a lot of weight and I felt like I was sagging around the mouth! Dr Varaich suggested dermal fillers to make me look more youthful. At first, I was concerned it may not look right, and I didn’t want my family to know I had anything done! I couldn’t be more pleased! My lines are softer! My lips are fuller and more defined – the lines around my lips are no more, so my lipstick doesn’t “bleed” into the cracks. And, what’s best, my family keep telling me how great I look, and asking me what’s different! None knows what I have had done except me and Dr Varaich! Thank you so much!
Penelope Worrall, Hull

Horizontal lines across the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, saggy cheeks, jowls, thin and lifeless lips, sagging around the mouth, deep nose-to-mouth lines can all be corrected within minutes! Skin can look rejuvenated, more youthful and fresh, yet still look natural without surgery, without pain and without time off work!

Deep line and wrinkle treatments relax the facial muscles, preventing the formation of wrinkles and smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles and folds. Our genes, fatigue, stress, smoking, sun damage, pollution and other environmental factors can accelerate the rate at which collagen and elastin is lost from the skin, causing premature ageing, folds in the skin, and a lack of radiance. Skin loses moisture with age. This inevitable moisture loss creates lines around your lips and nose and reduces fullness around your cheeks, jaw and lips, giving us an older, more tired look.

I came to see Dr Dr Ravinder Varaich on recommendation from my daughter. I wanted new dentures as my old set looked so false. I was always covering my mouth when I laughed, and my teeth were loose and uncomfortable. My lips were so thin I used to avoid wearing lipstick. Dr Dr Ravinder Varaich made me new dentures that look and feel so good, it's like having my natural teeth back again. I can chew properly, laugh without covering my mouth, and I feel so comfortable and happy. Ravinder used dermal fillers to make my lips look fuller, and smooth the lines around my mouth. I couldn't recommend this treatment enough! My lips look so natural that my friends keep thinking it must just be my nice new teeth that have made me look so good! Everyone comments on how great I look, and that I look years younger! I have got my smile back, and now I can't stop smiling. I recommend Dr Dr Ravinder Varaich to all my friends and family!  
Pauline Jackson

Deep line  and wrinkle treatments work only on the specific muscles injected, leaving surrounding muscles to function as usual, enabling normal facial expression, just with less wrinkles.

Ravinder . Dr Varaich has been extensively trained in this field, and has helped countless patients regain a youthful, radiant and natural look.

By carrying out a skin analysis, Ravinder .Dr Varaich will discuss the benefits of the different treatments available, and how your confidence can be boosted with some simple, but very effective treatments with minimal discomfort.

Wrinkle Treatments with Dysport

Dysport is a prescription medicine which works to temporarily weaken or paralyse the muscles which cause dynamic wrinkles on our face, such as those that appear when we smile, frown, and raise our eyebrows. It is an extremely effective treatment, and results last approximately three months.

I feel so much younger after my skin treatment! I can’t believe how natural it looks! And my migraines have gone! I’m hooked!
Helen Roberts, Scunthorpe

Is the procedure painful?

An ultra-fine needle is used, so pain is extremely rare. Mild discomfort is expected, but most patients report that they hardly felt a thing!

How long before I notice the results?

Dysport take approximately five days to show an effect.

Will I need to take any time off work?

No! Not at all. The procedure takes only minutes to perform, and most people have the treatment carried out, and go straight back to work, and no-one need know a thing! No-one will be able to tell you have just had treatment done!

I never thought my facial treatment would look so good, but still look so natural! Everyone keeps asking whether I’ve just been on holiday! It’s great! Why didn’t I have this done before?
Michelle Seaton, Hull

Will I look expressionless?

No! Certainly not! Dr Ravinder Varaich feels it is so important to keep a natural look. When deep wrinkle treatments are done well, you should look fresh and youthful. Very few people want a face that cannot show expression, or looks as if the skin has been pulled. A face showing no expression or emotion looks odd. Our goal is to rejuvenate your skin, soften lines and to define and plump areas where volume has been lost.  

What are dermal fillers and what do they do?

Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm act to temporarily plump deep lines by acting as a scaffold in the deeper skin layers. They are made up hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring product in the body, which is used widely in medicine.  Dermal fillers are used to soften deep lines and folds, such as the nose-to-mouth lines, define and plump lips, raise the corners of the mouth, plump out hollow cheeks and fill acne scars.

Dermal fillers are extremely effective at giving a natural, smooth, and more youthful appearance.

What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is the first of a new category of dermal fillers proven to last up to 12 months. It is the first of its kind to contain an anaesthetic to make the softlifting experience even more comfortable than ever. Juvederm contains a specially formulated type of hyaluronic acid (HA) that exists naturally in your skin. It's a natural, biodegradable gel that flows easily and smoothly into your skin, instantly filling out those troublesome lines leaving a smooth and natural look and feel and a long-lasting alternative to surgery.

My special thanks to Ravinder for making me look 10 years younger! God bless you! I will be spreading the word about what excellent work you do! Many many thanks again!
Maureen Olssen, Hull


When will I notice the results?

With dermal fillers such as Juvederm, the results are immediate! You will see the results as soon as your appointment is over!

How long will the treatment take?

The actual treatment takes approximately 15-30 minutes

Is the procedure painful?

We can administer anaesthetic, so the treatment will not be painful at all! Juvederm contains anaesthetic, so some patients find that additional anaesthetic is not required.

Wansbeck House Dental SpaIs the procedure safe?

We’ve mentioned that hyaluronic acid is present in the skin naturally; it’s actually a type of sugar, so the product itself is very safe! It has been used for numerous medical conditions over the years, including joint problems, eye conditions as well as skin lifting.

As with any treatment, there are a few minor risks. The HA is injected using a fine needle, and there is a risk of slight bruising, redness, bleeding or temporary discolouration at the area that has been treated.


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