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Welcome to Wansbeck Dental Spa. We provide premier cosmetic dentistry services in a luxurious, stress-free environment near the centre of Hull. Our dental spa has been designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind. Play the video below for a tour of the clinic.


Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist but there is no need to be! We are trained to do everything we can to make feel at ease and we use state of the art equipment. We invite you to attend half an hour before your appointment, so you may relax with a coffee and a biscuit prior to your appointment. Some patients find watching Fawlty Towers on our DVD glasses helps them relax, some find our bubble gum flavoured numbing gel makes the anaesthetic more comfortable. During treatment all you have to do is raise you hand in the air, and that means "stop for a rest".

Even Olympic gold-winning boxers can get a bit nervous. Hear what Luke Campbell has to say about Wansbeck:

A beautiful smile

There is no underestimating how much of an impact having a beautiful smile can have on a person’s life. Turning an ordinary smile into a beautiful smile may be easier than you think!

Whether your teeth are crooked, stained or missing or if your dentures are loose, we have the perfect solution for you! We can guarantee straight teeth within six months, guaranteed whiter teeth or your money back, or give you the confidence to chew a steak or bite into an apple. 

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have any questions, no matter how small, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to smile with confidence!

427 Beverley Road
Hull, Yorkshire HU5 1LX
Phone: 01482 348 172
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