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Wansbeck House Dental Spa - Hull Dental PracticeNervous Dental Patients

Wansbeck House Dental SpaAre you nervous of going to the dentist?
Have you had painful treatment previously?
Are you frightened of having a filling?
Are you scared of being numbed up?

Here at Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic, we understand, and are here to help. We have a special interest in caring for those that are anxious of treatment. We have been extensively trained in relaxation techniques and hypnosis.

Thank you all so much for the care you have shown me. You have restored my faith in dentists. I would recommend you to everyone!
Rosie Neilson

We listen to your concerns about treatment, and make every effort to ensure your comfort comes first. We use special gum numbing gels to make the anaesthetic more comfortable, ensure you are completely numb so you do not feel a thing during treatment, and allow you to have complete control by raising your hand to ask us to stop so that you may sit up and have a rinse around if you need to, or just have a quick break.

This is the best dentist I have ever been to, and I cannot praise the staff enough! I am so glad I found you!
Leanne Brown

Dr Ravinder Varaich is the only dentist at the practice, so you can rest assured that you will always see the same dentist. Trust in a dentist is important to build up, and Dr Ravinder Varaich likes to take her time to get to know you and your concerns, so she can help you feel at ease.

Dr Ravinder Varaich has invested in state of the art technology, which allows us to perform procedures with less time and hassle than ever before. The Cerec system for example allows beautiful life like crowns to be prepared and fitted within an hour! This prevents the need for multiple visits, and ensures the maximum amount of treatment can be done in the minimum amount of time.

Having avoided the dentist for years, I wonder why? I was so nervous of having anything done, but there was nothing to it! I will always be so grateful to you, and would recommend you to anyone that is nervous.
Les Gold

DVD glasses so that you can watch a film during treatment is an ideal way to sit back and relax, and many of our nervous patients have found this has really helped them! The moisturizing paraffin hand wax treatments are also an ideal way to pamper yourself each time you visit us!

To find out how we can make dentistry a pleasant, pain-free experience call us now on 01482 348172

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