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Tooth Straightening

Have you always been conscious of crooked teeth?

Invisalign is a clear, virtually invisible brace that straightens your teeth with minimal discomfort and minimal inconvenience.

A Warm Welcome

There is no underestimating how much of an impact having a beautiful smile can have on a person’s life. Turning an ordinary smile into a beautiful smile may be easier than you think!

Play the video to have a look round the Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic, in Hull.

Do you tend to cover your mouth when smiling as you lack the self esteem to smile with confidence?  Whether you always hide your smile from the camera, refuse to smile because your teeth are crooked, are embarrassed by stained or missing teeth, can’t chew your favourite food well as your dentures are loose, or laugh in public without your dentures dropping, we have the perfect solution for you! We can guarantee straight teeth within six months , guaranteed whiter teeth or your money back, or give you the confidence to chew a steak, or bite into an apple. Hear what our patients have to say about what we have done for their confidence!

A recent survey has shown that 95% of the population consider straight teeth and a nice smile to be attractive. A healthy, beautiful white smile exudes confidence, can make you look younger, and can make you more successful, both personally and professionally. Here at Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic, we understand the importance of your smile, and to make a more confident smile affordable within your budget. Having straighter teeth can cost as little as £1.85 a day! That’s less than the cost of a coffee!

The staff at Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic, led by Dr Ravinder Varaich are dedicated to providing exceptional quality dentistry, and are particularly understanding of nervous patients. Dr Varaich is extensively trained, and works only with state of the art equipment and materials.

Many patients travel a great distance to see Dr Varaich as they have had a bad experience previously with another dentist who has hurt them when they have had treatment, and are so fearful, they have burst into tears as soon as they have telephoned us for an appointment. We understand how hard the first call is for you to make, and we are here to listen to you and to help you feel more comfortable. We want to know what makes you feel on edge, and we want to hear what we can do for you to make you feel more in control, and to be able to feel comfortable and confident when you come to see us.  Some patients have found watching an episode of Fawlty Towers on our DVD glasses has helped them with their fear of the noises in the treatment room, some have found our bubble gum flavoured numbing gel has made the anaesthetic so much more comfortable than previously. And, all our patients love that all they have to do is raise their hand in the air, and that means “stop for a rest.”

Our aim, simply put, is to help you achieve the look you have always wanted in a luxurious, stress-free environment, while providing premier cosmetic dentistry services. Located near the centre of Hull, a visit to Wansbeck Dental Spa and Implant Clinic is a far cry to the usual visit to the dentist. We have designed our dental spa with your comfort and relaxation in mind, and we offer delicious refreshments to promote the well-being of our patients. Fresh coffee permeates the air, and we invite you to attend half an hour before your appointment, so you may relax over a coffee and a biscuit, and have a read of  the daily delivered papers prior to your appointment. We even give you a toothbrush to clean your teeth prior to being seen.


Our cosmetic dentistry practice attracts people from all over Hull, Beverley, Hull villages, Yorkshire, as well as the surrounding communities of York, Leeds and Sheffield, and we continue to add to our list of international patients.

Disabled Access: We try very hard to make our practice acessible to all patients but unfortunately due to the restrictions of our Grade 2 Listed Building it has not been possible to provide disabled access at the present time. There are also currently no disabled toliet facilites.
Please contact the reception if you require any further information.



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If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have any questions, no matter how small, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to smile with confidence!

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